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  • Ajit Braich



Decorating your wedding car requires good aesthetics and creativity. And if it’s a big luxurious car like limousine, the job becomes even harder. You can’t obviously over stuff it with decoration so that it loses its real class and beauty. To make sure it looks elegant, you need to follow these tips:

  • Balloons on the beetle is old but classy form of decoration. But taking care of color scheme is in your hands, means the color combination must not look odd with the wedding theme. You can use the balloons of different size and shape too. You can tie them with door handles using colorful ribbons.

  • You can also go with simple white color net and some flowers on the bonnet. A bouquet of fresh flowers can be the focal point of the exterior if arranged properly. Single flowers pasted all over the car is also the way you can decorate it. But all this should be done keeping one thing in mind, you aren’t supposed to over stuff it with the ornaments.

  • Bow ties are also cool if fixed on the bonnet or the roof top of the car. But the subtle use of color combination is important here too.

  • Some people make use of paper flowers too but preferably it is better to opt for the fresh ones.

  • The pro tip is to go with simple and sophisticated. Too much stuffing will make it look cheap and un-classy, avoid that.

NOTE: Sometimes, wedding limo Winnipeg services don’t allow decorations on their cars. Ask them first before moving on. AAA VIP Limo service allows the decoration on their rented out cars